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TMS that goes further.

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Your complete cloud-based Transportation Management Solution (TMS)

Save time with our ALL-IN-ONE transportation management platform


You can’t manage if you don't measure. Power your growth with SmartBoard TMS

Managing a trucking company is not easy. To succeed and move ahead of the competition in today's competitive world you need efficiency, dependable tools and access to data anywhere you go.

SmartBoard TMS is a complete, all-in-one, cloud based solution designed to help you run your business by connecting all your trucking operations in one place. We know how your business works. With over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, we understand the unique nature of your business and have created SmartBoard TMS with one goal in mind - to help you better navigate today's challenges and perform your workflow processes faster and easier. To learn more, please contact our support team.

Safety and Compliance

Ensure that employees are compliant and equipment is being maintained properly while creating a culture of safety. The precision of the data allows you to keep on track for expiration dates and much more.

Dispatch & Load Management

The easy-to-understand freight operations dashboard displays loads and active trip history while providing easy customer and driver management. From this screen, users can dispatch loads directly.

Billing and Settlements

Billing and settlements are key components of any trucking company. That’s why we provide an easy to use tool to invoice your customers and pay your drivers. Improve your operations by eliminating human error.

Complete Maintenance Solution

Increase your fleet profitability by improving your fleet maintenance process. Reduce downtime of your equipment. Gain insight into your maintenance costs and ensure your assets remain profitable.


Our extensive accounting system features will seamlessly integrate with your company. Our software will enable you to invoice your customer faster and allow you to quickly catalogue all of your accounting.

Management Dashboards & Reporting

Clean and Simple are just a few of the words our customers use to describe our dashboards and reporting tools. It has never been easier to see a detailed overview of your business in one quick glance.

IFTA Reporting

Stop wasting your time every quarter on gathering your receipts and filling your IFTA reports. With our IFTA Reporting tool the full process is automated and will take you minutes to generate your entire fleet reports.

Smart Driver Mobile App

An essential tool for drivers while on the road, that enables easy communication between drivers and their dispatchers, drivers view their pay and many other features.

Factoring, Fuel, ELD, Commercial Truck Routing...


SmartBoard TMS uses modern technology that integrates with numerous partners to bring the best and most efficient trucking software solutions to your company. Learn more about our available integrations.

Factoring Company Integration

SmartBoard is a true single-entry software that integrates dispatch operations with billing, settlements and accounting operations. You only enter data once and the data is available where you need it. Our Factoring integration will truly save you time in your billing and invoicing process. Once the load is entered and completed you generate an invoice with a click of a button and with a single click you transfer all required documents, BOLs and Rate Confirmations in your factoring company. When the invoice is paid in the factoring company, an automatic payment notification is received in SmartBoard.

Fuel Card Integration

The easy-to-understand freight operations dashboard displays loads and active trip history while providing easy customer and driver management. From this screen, users can dispatch loads directly.

ELD Integration

Automatically share vehicle GPS and driver hours of service (HOS) from your ELD provider with SmartBoard TMS. Plan trips more accurately and ensure driver hours are taken into account when dispatching. To learn more contact our support team.

Commercial Truck Routing and Mileage Software Integration

Easier IFTA Management for your trucking business! To learn more contact our support team.